Will Eating Too Much Candy Really Cause Cavities?

What Does Candy Do to Your Teeth?

extracted tooth surrounded by candy corn

As we enter the Halloween season, you may be shocked to find out that candy alone does not cause cavities. For decades, even centuries, people have warned that candy will cause cavities.  Many of you reading this blog may have never had a cavity, but you have certainly had candy at some point in your life.  The truth is, it’s candy plus time that causes cavities.  The example I give my patients is as follows. On one hand, you can take one thousand Milky Ways and if you eat them in a ten minute period of time, you will not get a cavity. On the other hand, if you take one half of one of those thousand Milky Ways and nibble on them for two hours, you will definitely start to form a cavity.  

Please don’t get me wrong, if you eat one thousand Milky Ways in ten minutes, you will have bigger problems to deal with than cavities, but the moral of the story is that it’s all about time. So, this Halloween, if you want to reduce the risk for cavities, don’t let them nibble on the candy for long periods of time. Keep it short and simple!  

Happy Halloween!