Symptoms of Sleep Apnea:

Do your wife and kids tell you that your snoring keeps them up at night?

Sleep Apnea- Glastonbury Dental Center

Many sleep apnea patients have to sleep in a separate bedroom because of their loud snoring. When traveling with family members, they may even require another hotel room, adding an additional expense and emotional strain on the entire family.

Patients may have numerous episodes throughout the night where they stop breathing due to a narrow airway that has collapsed while sleeping. These episodes deprive the body’s organ systems of oxygen and can cause severe damage even death if not treated.

Upon waking up the next day, many patients feel exhausted and are sleep deprived. Even the most simple tasks seem difficult. When sleep deprived, patients may find themselves falling asleep at traffic lights and while driving. Patients may also find themselves unable to perform their regular job duties and have no energy to spend time with their families.

Many patients have already been diagnosed through sleep studies and they have been given a device called a CPAP. The CPAP utilizes a mask that covers the nose and sometimes the mouth to provide a continuous positive air pressure while the patient is sleeping, keeping the airway from collapsing throughout the night. The problem many people encounter is that there is a tubing and masks to wear with a base unit that can be difficult to transport. Because of this and other reasons, many people are not compliant with their CPAP machine.

Historically, the alternative for individuals suffering from sleep apnea, who could not tolerate the CPAP machine, was to surgically reduce the uvula and remove excess tissue throughout the airway to make it more open. Many people however do not want this surgery.

Another option is the Mandibular Advancement Splint. It is a simple, noninvasive mouthguard that keep your jaw forward, thus opening the airway.  It is compact, portable and allows you to sleep in any position you want without having to wear a mask with tubing running from a motor unit on the bedside table.

If you already has a sleep study that is current (within 3 years), all we need is a prescription from your physician asking us to fabricate a Mandibular Advancement Splint. If you do not have a current sleep study, we can provide a take home sleep study headgear set that is interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician and diagnosed.

Only your physician can diagnose and treat sleep apnea. Glastonbury Dental Center will work closely with your doctor to fabricate the splint and improve your quality of life.

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