Reasons Why You Should Not Be Afraid of a Root Canal

Endodontic therapy, also known as a root canal therapy, is not something that you should fear. Many times, a root canal is needed when the inside of your tooth becomes infected with bacteria. The infection can happen when you have a deep cavity that reaches the pulp or when your tooth is fractured and the pulp is exposed. However, in recent years, the techniques and materials for performing a root canal procedure have improved drastically. For instance, new anesthetics have been developed allowing the practitioner to numb the infected tooth even more deeply so you do not feel the pain. There are also new instruments and procedures that allow the root canal to be completed much more quickly and comfortably.

Patient smiling after a dental procedureMany people who need a root canal will take antibiotics to relieve the pain. Since their tooth does not hurt them anymore, they end up not having the procedure. Nevertheless, it is very important to know that antibiotics do not cure the infection, they only suppress it for a short amount of time. The reason that you do not feel the pain and start to feel better is because the antibiotics kill the bacteria outside of the tooth. This false sense of security is only temporary as the bacteria hiding inside the tooth will start reproducing once the antibiotic is finished, and the pain will eventually come back.

To make things worse, the antibiotics will kill off all the weaker bacteria and the remaining strong bacteria will reproduce and the resulting reinfection will be much stronger and more dangerous than the original infection. In addition, the infection also gets worse if you stop taking an antibiotic before you are supposed to.
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