Keeping your teeth clean

brushing teethThe best way to keep your teeth clean is a combination of consistent home care routines combined with regular cleanings at the dentist. This sounds simple, but to practice it can be a different story when you factor in life and all of its surprises!  

Even with good brushing and home care, our teeth build up calcified deposits and bacterial colonies under the gums that we simply can’t remove ourselves. This is where professional cleaning by a hygienist comes into play. Your hygienist has special instruments and techniques that can remove these calcifications and clean under the gums where your toothbrush can’t reach.  

If you find yourself struggling in these areas, here are a few hints. First, get an electric toothbrush. Many of them have timers that help you brush for the proper amount of time. When it comes to remembering your dentist appointment, simply make sure you schedule your next appointment during your current appointment. Need to schedule your next cleaning? Contact us.