Do you wish your teeth were straighter?

straight teeth in a nice smileI see adult patients almost daily who think they can’t straighten their teeth because they didn’t have braces as a child. This simply isn’t true. I also see many adults who had braces as a child but their teeth drifted over the years and they don’t have any options. This also isn’t true.  In many of these cases, their teeth can be straighter with a series of clear trays that slowly straighten their teeth. We have a system in our office that is half the price of tradition systems called MTM (Minor Tooth Movement). This system is designed for patients who had braces and the front teeth shifted or who just want to straighten their front teeth without changing their bite. Whatever the case, we will find a solution that is right for you. Call or email Glastonbury Dental Center today to make an appointment to discuss available teeth straightening options